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I don’t go through anything.

I don’t deal with anything, i’m just a kid. 

So these tears streaming down my face aren’t real. 

All the hatred I see towards myself doesn’t exist. 

And all the this happy bullshit doesn’t fit. 

I don’t deal with comparing myself or critizing my body 

or thinking why my bottom lip is so disproportional to my body, 

Of course I would never think about suicide. 

Or that broken knife tip isn’t inside me. 

I’ve never felt so low, hell was higher. 

I’ve never wished to be dead,

just so i could see my creator.

I’ve never felt stupid, standing amoung scholars

or going to a school where everyone was smarter.

Thinking why do they get everything they want? 

maybe it’s because their skin is whiter. 

Nah, I’ve never been hurt by a guy i’ve seriously liked. 

Never have i ever cried myself  to sleep about that at night. 

I admit i’ve never felt so confused,

How the world works, it can’t be true.

Because while they’re over here having sex and getting high

I’m at home , writing songs as if it were my life.

And while they drink till they forget their own names.

I’m at home writing, filling up every page.

and while they all their boyfriends showing them off

I just have my teddy, he’s been there

even when times were tough.

screw that. Everything.

Screw white people because they’ll never have the hard life.

screw the school system for teaching lies, 

Pie is going to help in life.

Screw every stupid girl who has some negative ish to say.

always finding a way to ruin my day.

Screw this house for hiding so many secrets

Screw the dark thoughts inside my head screaming

- Simone