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You, that’s all I think about is you. 

If i try to escape your face and your name. 

I sleep. 

But then you appear in my dreams. 

dreams of you and me. 

When I awake, you’re the first thing i see. 

rapped up in my mind. 

and then there’s him. 

Something to do when there’s nothing to do

someone to think about other than you. 

He’s just something there to distract me from you. 

But he means nothing to me like you

Then there’s him. 

Someone who says everything you won’t.. 

But doesn’t have the same charm. 

I don’t want to ruin our friendship, so i’ll stick with you. 

Then there’s him, the one who flirts 

and is convinced I belong with him. 

I don’t even know him. 

he’s not even there. 

then there’s him. 

the one who broke my heart, did me wrong, and crushed me. 

Yet i still feel for him. 

But he’s not you. He’ll never treat me like you. 

Then there’s him, always high 

never comes down 

I can’t trust a faded. 

so it’s you 

up against 5. 

but they mean nothing to me like my one. 

like you. 

- Simone