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I should win an Oscar 

The way I crash right before I walk out the house, 

but i recollect myself before i have time to reach for the door. 

because once you step out into the world, 

you need to present yourself like nothing’s wrong. 

Don’t let emotions show. 

I pride myself in holding back tears, 

When people ask “what’s wrong?” 

The ability to say “nothing” with a straight face while i laugh and look away. 

That is award winning material. 

Or the way I make jokes, laugh, dance, walk as if i have everything going for me. 

If only I was filmed. 

And the way the scene ends right when I walk in the door, 

and see my reflection in the mirror. 

And I crash, because I can’t put up an act to myself. 

I can’t acct like nothing’s wrong. 

When it’s just me all alone. 

But man should i win a grammy. 

The way my screams fall in line with my tears. 

The way i can make the perfect melody when you’re mentioned. 

I deserve an award. 

Cause the way I act like 

I’ve got everything going on. 

Should win me every Oscar 

Every Time. 

- Simone