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they say silence is the best way to grab attention. 

let me stop talking then 

let me stop entertaining your ignorance 

let me stop responding to your petty comments 

let me stop. 

Stop carring so much, about someone who doesn’t care at all. 

Let me stop writing about you , 

thinking about you , 

wondering what you’re doing. 

let me stop. 

Because your thoughts inhabit my brain like poison. 

Killing every happy moment to come in my future. 

I’ve fallen into depression because of you. 

and you’ve fallen into bed with another girl cause of me 

so when you lay down, think of me. 

cause i know everytime you look at her, 

you’re comparing her to me. 

and when it’s too much to handle 

and you pick up the phone to call. 

you won’t get an answer. 

cause i’m done. 




over you. 

- Simone